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We know you work hard for the things that you have, and that the welfare of your family is always the first thing on your mind.  Whether it is protecting your family from break-ins, fires, or medical emergencies, we understand that your primary goal is keeping your loved ones safe and secure – and we can help!  Some things just aren’t replaceable if they are stolen or lost in a fire, and our professionals at SFI can make sure that we work as hard as you do to protect the people and things you love.


We’re Your Partners!

tech picAlthough we all prepare for emergencies, situations happen that can turn family happiness into tragedy in the blink of an eye. Fires, smoke damage, burglary, carbon monoxide, or home system breakdowns can lead to serious losses.  Your home security system is effective at saving lives and property, but at SFI we believe that that home safety begins with a commitment to family and making sure that each family member knows what to do in the event of an emergency.  Our professionals at SFI ensure that your installation is flawless, your equipment is top of the line, and that your family knows how to use the system as well as steps that you can take to protect your home and family in the event of a break-in or a fire.  We are your dedicated partners in ensuring that your home is a safe haven for you and your family!

Our technicians are experts in the systems we install – and they won’t leave until you know exactly how your system protects you and how you can access help in the event of an emergency.  When we say partner, we mean it!  No one works harder than the professionals at SFI to make certain that you and your family are protected right from the beginning.




SURE Connect

Know you’re protected- even when the system is disarmed!


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Security System Features Other Systems SFI Systems
Professional grade GE security equipment
Functions if the phone line is cut
Works during a power outage
Compatible with VOIP Phone Systems
Web-based remote control and system monitoring
Always-on System Activity Monitoring

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