Life Safety System – Your Total Home Security System!

Safe Security Life Safety SystemSecurity Force offers state-of-the-art medical monitoring systems that allows you to maintain your independence while having the peace of mind that help is never far away.  Our medical monitoring system comes with monitoring panel installation and a pendant that enables you to move freely throughout your home and still access help by pushing the button on the pendant.  Medical alert systems mean independence for you – and peace of mind for your entire family.


If you’re interested in complete home protection, Security Force offers the Life Safety System – a home monitoring solution that puts medical services, fire, and police at your fingertips!  The easy-to-use panel makes this system a breeze to operate for users of any age or ability,  and the large, digital display ensures easy viewing and interaction.  The Life Safety System includes door contacts that let you know when someone enters or leaves your home and pet-friendly motion sensors protect any room.  You can call one of our professionals at  1-844-398-9704 to learn more and get started today! *More equipment & no Installation Fee!